• MOSAIC Voyages offers trips for everyone and for all kind of tastes!

    «Heritage »
    Come to live an authentic experience and really immerse yourself into the culture of the places you visit, we have selected guides who know all the secrets of the visited sites and historical places.
    Our « Heritage » trips will open you doors to the treasures and wonders of Asia, through routes that have been specially created to make your trip, a very unique experience.

    « Adventure »
    Would you like to explore remarkable places and expérience adventure ? Travelling out of the beaten path  and going meet the local population is your desire? Or would you prefer a trek in the luxuriant jungle or on the highest summits ?
    Our « Adventure » trips aim at giving you an unapproached experience, matching  your needs, and adapted to your own pace. Whether you are a beginner or have an advanced level, be prepared! Fasten your seatbelt and let’s go exploring!

    “Family trip”
    Make the most of your vacation with your family by visiting China and Asia at your own pace: every day agenda and travels are adapted to the number of children you have and to their respective ages.
    Our « family » trip are based on comfort, safety and entertainment for the youngest one as for the adults. Hence, with MOSAIC Voyages, your desire of travelling will not be restrained by the fear of coming accross bad surprises. You can freely express your travel needs as we help you handle everything!

    “Food lovers”
    Admire how hand made noodles are done, listen to the chili sizzling in the oil, smell the flavor of green papaya, taste the subtle aroma of longane and eventually feel the delicious crispy Beijing duck skin craking under your teeth!
    Our “Food lovers” trips are designed to make you discover different regions with your 5 senses. Let us guide you and discover the various scents and flavors of Asia.

  • You feel like getting away from your city but then travelling from town to town makes you feel tired?
    Do not worry: MOSAIC Voyages also offers stays for you!
    Whether it is for a week-end out of Shanghai, a seaside stay or in a winter ski resort, everyone will be 100% fulfilled.
    For seaside stays, our team has carefully selected hotels of several categories:
    “Haven of peace” : I am looking for a remote hotel, cosy, intimate and with a great deal of caracter where I can peacefully relax in a remarkable atmosphere
    “Dynamic Resort”: I would like an international hotel where I can stay busy through all the activities and infrastructures offered by the hotel. Therefore, I can practise sports and meet plenty of people
    “Luxurious villa”: I am looking for a luxurious villa in order to be independent with my family, while benefiting from infrastructures and services from the hotel
    “The good address”: I am looking for a standard hotel with reasonable prices, comfortable and offering good level of service to satisfy my whole family.
    Enjoy your stay with your family or your couple and appreciate services and infrastructures of hotels carefully selected according to your tastes and needs. Besides that, you can discover the sumptuousness of the region by getting involved in excursions and several activities suggested.