Why travelling with us?

Quality services

MOSAIC Voyages is a travel agency offering premium trips to expatriate customers. Our dedicated team is expert in the needs and travel habits of upscale customers and expats.

What’s more, we also have a deep knowledge of all the destinations we offer and select English-speaking guides carefully according to the category of trip you have chosen. Our customers are more than simple guests to us, we treat them as a part of MOSAIC Voyages family. You will hence be warmly welcomed each time you come to visit us, and above all we know the tastes and habits of each customer. Therefore, you will receive a personalized and tailor made service, to design the trip that suits you the most.

And because your time is precious, we will give you an efficient service so that you can fully enjoy your holidays without caring about the organisation and logistic part. All you will need to do is relax, enjoy and therefore come home with a head full of good souvenirs !

For your convenience, each member of our team can be reached at any time, day or night to assist you while you are travelling.

A wide range of offer

• Diversity of landscapes : From Tibet steepe montains to Xinjiang desert, not forgetting the wonderful beaches of Viet Nam or the enchanting landscapes of Sichuan, you will marvel at all those Asian wonders !

• Diversity of activities : Come and ride a horse in Mongolia or in Myanmar, appreciate trekking at Tibet or in Xinjiang,or enjoy a bicycle ride in Guilin region.

• Diversity of cultural sites : You will visit museums, monuments, pagodas, temples, gardens and lot more…

• Diversity of local cultures : explore the cultural wealth of Asian local cultures from Guanxi minorities to the refined Japanese culture, or the kindness of Vietnamese people.

Strong adaptability : Whether you are a group or travelling individually, whether you are looking for a tailor made trip or a standard package, let us know about your travel plans and we will adapt to your preferences and tastes. Our team of experts care about giving you original products while paying attention to your special requests. Adaptability is at the center of our attention and all our travels can be reviewed or modified according to your specific needs and expectations until you get fully satisfied. MOSAIC Voyages asset is to be settled down in the heart of very Asia and therefore, our agency can keep in touch regularly with the different partners and local agencies. We are then able to react quickly in case you are calling us while travelling. Hence we optimize our programs very often according to the feedbacks we receive. We put an emphasis on the quality of our products. Therefore, all our hotels and restaurants are chosen according their professionalism and quality. Moreover all the destinations are tested before being offered to you, so that we are sure that the quality of our service matches your demand.

Quality policy : In order to meet the constant evolving demand and to always be in adequation with your needs, MOSAIC Voyages has set up a quality control proccess. This service is available throughout the travels :from their design to the after sale service

1) Before your departure : – Setting up specific criteria to select the local restaurants, hotels and other Professional to exactly meet your demand – Regular mails exchange and phone calls with your dedicated travel agent in order to build your travel project according to your special requests

2) During your trip – English-speaking tour leader and guide will inform, advice an answer your questions and be available to help you at any time. – We are also reachable by phone to make sure your trip is running perfectly.

3) After your trip – We will listen carefully to your comments by phone, email and then update our database to always provide you the best choice of local restaurants, hotels or other services.