MOSAIC Voyages:

With over 10 years’ experience, our dedicated team has reached a high level of professionalism and know-how in satisfying French speaking people by clearly understanding their travel expectations. For this reason, we have created MOSAIC Voyages, a French brand within Shanghai East Travel. With this dedicated brand, we stand out with our tours management and conception. Indeed, thanks to its French-Chinese team, MOSAIC Voyages combines both perfect knowledge of the destinations offered and an accurate understanding of French customers’ needs and expectations. As witnesses our partnership since 2002 with the French Association of Shanghai (Le Cercle Francophone de Shanghai)

Our Mission:

Isn’t it an expatriation, the best opportunity to discover new cultures, populations with remarkable traditions and heritage? However, China and Asia are so vast that you do not know where to start ?
If you would like to have an authentic experience and really immerse yourself into the local cultures, then MOSAIC Voyages understands you !

MOSAIC Voyages is dedicated to the expatriate French speaking community living in Shanghai. We aim at creating quality tailor made trips to make you discover intimately/closely the explored regions. Let the sites reveal their story, gaze at a majestic nature and  landscapes and enjoy a priviledged contact with local populations.
Besides, we are aware of the negative impacts that mass tourism could provoke on the environment, local populations and touristic sites…That is why, in order to protect the areas visited by our customers and in the name of  responsible and sustainable tourism, all our trips respect local peoples and their traditions.

Therefore, we aspire to :
– Respect ethnic groups habits and customs and preserve the authenticity and beauty of the cultural sites in order to ensure a sincere meeting between the travellers and the local populations.
– Give priority to work with local agencies so that they make the most from the touristic growth economic benefits
-Not to low down the costs so as to insure the best quality service

Our priority is to satisfy you and to make your desires become a reality so that you can enjoy a trip that 100% matches your expectations and thus make your holiday unforgettable